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Animal Happiness: Your Partner in Fostering Pet Well-being

Welcome to Animal Happiness, where we are committed to ensuring your pets’ emotional well-being through expert behavioural home visits. Our mission is to bring happiness and contentment into the lives of your beloved animals, all from the comfort of your home.

Tailored Solutions for All Pets

At Animal Happiness, we understand that every pet is unique and may face specific challenges. That’s why we offer home visit behavioural consultations catering to pets of all species in Perth. Whether you have playful parrots in Palmyra, energetic Alsatians in Armadale, or curious cats in Coolbellup, our compassionate team is here to assist you. We even extend our care to native animals in collections, providing them with the attention they deserve.

Science-Based Approach

We take pride in our evidence-based behaviour home visits, ensuring that our methods are not only effective but also backed by scientific research. Our highly experienced skilled behavioural vet is an active member of the AVA Behaviour Interest Group and is well-versed in modern techniques, providing solutions that encourage positive outcomes without resorting to punishment. Your pet’s well-being and happiness are always our top priorities.

A Changing World for Our Pets

In recent years, the world has changed for our furry companions. The sprawling yards of the past have given way to smaller fenced-in spaces, and our pets may now have limited exposure to the outside world. Research has illuminated the vital link between mental and physical health in animals, and our understanding of their needs has evolved.

Empowering Pet Owners

At Animal Happiness, we believe that empowering pet owners is key to enhancing their bond with their animals. Our team is here to guide you through understanding your pet’s behaviour, providing you with the tools to nurture a happy and harmonious relationship.

Taking the First Step: Book a Behaviour Home Visit

If you sense that your pet is not their usual self or seems unhappy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Dr Gary and the team are ready to listen, assess, and develop a personalized plan to address any behavioural issues your pet may be facing. Let’s work together to promote a life filled with joy, contentment, and happiness for your furry family members.

Contact Us

Contact us on 0434 743 744 or fill out the contact form to schedule a behaviour home visit and take the first step towards nurturing a happy and well-adjusted pet. Let’s work together to create a harmonious and fulfilling life for your furry companions. 🐾 #AnimalHappiness #BehaviorHomeVisit #PetWellBeing #ScienceBasedBehaviorTherapies