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Home euthanasia with Dr Gary

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We know you need to be there for them

For over 3 decades I have been helping people with the process of gentle home euthanasia. People often say it must be the worst part of my job. It is actually a real honour. Always a very sad one, but a deeply felt honour to help caring people through this necessary process. Most importantly, the specific process I have refined over the years is so gentle, fear-free and painless that I am reassured by knowing I am helping pets on to the next world in simply the kindest and happiest way possible for them. Additionally it is the most personal, private and caring way possible for you.

Your care guides you to make the right decision

Home understanding

To help you make the decision, I provide a highly compassionate and competent assessment of your pet, informed by appropriate diagnostics and a caring understanding of the emotions of people involved. I explain the medical issues to help everyone understand the most important issues. Quality of life is the key – I focus on assessing your pet’s overall happiness with respect to issues that can, and issues that can’t, be improved. I engage in ongoing education and research on palliative care, welfare and pet psychology to ensure your animal family benefit from the most up-to-date science.

Home compassion

Most importantly I bring support and empathy to help you through that final physical step. My focus on compassion seems to soften the blow.

Euthanasia aftercare

I am able to provide complete aftercare if needed – taking even the largest dogs with me for burial or cremation (plus return of ashes if desired). I am proud to work with two of Perth’s most trusted cremation services – Passing Paws and Lawnswood – to achieve this.

If you are worried or just not sure, call my team today – 0434 743 744. You can also simply send a text if you are having trouble talking about it.

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