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Keep your chooks safe and a poultry vet to keep them healthy
A good chicken coop provides protection along with opportunities to explore

Animal Happiness is one of Perth’s leading poultry vets. We have decades of collective experience in dealing with backyard poultry and Dr Gary will visit your backyard! We don’t treat commercial flocks instead focusing entirely on the needs of home-based chook breeders and keepers.

Whether your birds are purely family pets or an earth-friendly sustainable part of your diet – or somewhere in-between, I provide a poultry vet service to make yours and your chicken’s lives happier!

Healthy nutritious eggs with no animal exploitation. Perth Poultry Vet.
What could be better than yummy healthy eggs from your own happy chooks?

I always work within your budget to deliver the best outcomes possible but can provide complex diagnostic workups and even surgery back at our hospital if this is possible for you. Being a highly rated poultry vet means providing different approaches to suit a range of budgets.

I work closely with the WA Department of Agriculture to provide complete diagnostic and post mortem examination services in cases of suspected disease outbreak. It is important to know that your birds actually serve as sentinels watching for epizootic disease outbreaks in our country!

A home visit means every aspect of your chook keeping setup can be reviewed, and potentially improved, at the same time as treating an active problem.

Call today and you will have happier chooks tomorrow 🙂

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